Why Choose Yaktrax?

The Yaktrax brand was first created years ago when a mountain climber on an expedition through the Himalayas came across a Sherpa in the frozen wilderness. The Sherpa was confidently walking over the slippery surface of the ice and snow, and the mountain climber realized the Sherpa was using something on the bottom of his shoes to create traction between himself and the slick ground. That encounter spawned the idea for an entirely new system of walking through slippery conditions, and the Yaktrax coil traction system is still one of the most trusted walking aids in the mountain climbing industry.

While the traction system was the first product built by Yaktrax, the brand has grown to accommodate a wide range of items for just about any outdoor occasion. They have helped service workers, construction crews, soldiers, and many others explore the natural beauty and pristine nature of packed snow and ice without the fear of falling or incurring an injury.

The brand gleaned its named from the Tibetan Yak, the creature most commonly used by Sherpas to carry their equipment. These beasts are primed for walking through ice and snow, so the founders of the company hoped to bring that ideal to every walking aid they produce. Their products exist on a range of aiding potential, ranging from simple winter accessories for reaching the mailbox during those slippery months to extreme equipment for the roughest of terrain. Yaktrax has everything necessary to give you the dry surface traction you are accustomed to.

Yaktrax is a trusted brand that is used by many of the most rugged outdoor organizations found anywhere. Their quality can not be matched, and they provide sure footing and a number of other premium winter accessories and apparel items.

The United States Ski & Snowboard Association is one of the premier organizations using Yaktrax products. This organization, also called the USSA, is responsible for developing programs that will benefit the athletes involved in these winter sports, and they are the organization in charge of scheduling and running athletic competitions for these sports. They have provided a number of athletes with opportunities that they would have gotten no where else. Members of the organization include those who consider themselves aspiring or novice athletes all the way up to Olympic athletes training for the gold. The US Ski Team, US Freeskiing, and US Snowboarding are all under the umbrella of the USSA.

The American Association of Snowboard Instructors and the Professional Ski Instructors of America are another two organizations that fall within the jurisdiction of the American Snowsports Education Association. The two subgroups of the ASEA are responsible for training, certifying, and continuing the education of all its members. Their goal is to enhance both knowledge and skill, and they use Yaktrax equipment to get the job done.

Many winter sport enthusiasts might have heard the name Eric Larsen before. He is a polar explorer that is famous for leading adventures through the most undisturbed areas of the North and South Poles. Larsen has made it his mission to take curious explorers to the harshest winter environments on the planet, and he shares his experiences and what he learns with schools, corporations, universities, and many other venues. As a world-class polar explore, Larsen trusts the quality of Yaktrax equipment above all other brands.

Winter environments aren’t the only areas where Yaktrax walking aids are useful. A run team called Team Pearl Izumi takes advantage of Yaktrax products when practicing to reach the ultimate level of human physical endurance. The group has run hundreds of cumulative miles during their tenure, and they’ve competed in serious races like the Hardrock 100 mile race through the heart of Colorado.

The National Ski Patrol was founded in 1938, and they follow a philosophy of safety and service. Their job is to keep the slopes in pristine condition so that skiers don’t have a hard time with the terrain. Their members are trained with an incredibly intense system that prepares them for any situation, and they use Yaktrax to quickly get around the environment.