This list contains the best boxing gloves available for you to test in 2022-2021. We have gone to great lengths to make it possible.  Our team has reviewed countless of the top boxing gloves and analyzed video reviews. We also compared notes from boxers, professional fighters and Muay Thai (MMA) boxers and sought their feedback.

We also asked for help from other Boxers and MMA fighters at the gyms, as well as online forums like Reddit and Sherdog Forum. You can vote for your favorite boxing glove. These are the results from the past few years.

Top Boxing Gloves

This list is based upon other people’s ratings, ratings, votes, and personal preferences. What might work for one person may not work for another. Continue reading to find out why we chose the following gloves.

winning boxing gloves

best boxing gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves are the best boxing gloves 2022-2021.

Winning is the holy grail in boxing gloves. They make what I and many others consider the best gloves in the world. These gloves are made of 100% leather and feature a classic design that is loved by both young and old boxers.

Although they are expensive at around $299-463 depending on 14oz or 16oz gloves, anyone who has tried them will tell you that they are worth every penny and rank first in comparison to other gloves.

Winning gloves are superior in padding, lightweight, and ergonomic design. They also protect your hands from heavy hitting, and provide slip resistance and wrist support.

If you have the budget, Winning boxing gloves are a great choice.


Top King Boxing Gloves

Top Boxing Gloves

TOP King Super Star Air Gloves

The TOP King gloves are next in line. TOP King Super Star Air Gloves offer exceptional protection and quality. These sparring gloves have a multi-layered shock absorbent inner foam padding that protects your thumb, fingers and knuckles from any punishment.


These gloves are great for sparring due to their thickly padded knuckle and upper hand region.


Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves For Sale

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves For Sale

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

These Cleto Reyes Training Gloves are ranked second on our list.

Cleto Reyes, one of the most recognizable names in boxing has developed some of the best quality gloves on the market, including the Cleto Reyes hybrid, which is difficult to find these days. You want gloves that meet your striking requirements when you train for a competition.

Because of their many outstanding features, the Cleto Reyes is #2 on our top ten list for boxing gloves. These gloves are made from 100% leather and have an innovative thumb and wrist support system. This will ensure that you have a great training experience. The Cleto Reyes gloves have waterproof nylon padding that will keep your hands dry.

These gloves are extremely comfortable, and have a wrap-around hook enclosure that never seems to slip. These gloves are comfortable and perform well. I agree with others that they should be number 2 on our top 10 boxing gloves.



Ring to Cage C17

It’s understandable. that most fighters voted Ring to Cage C17 at number 3 on our list.

R2C was able to create a cheaper Winning alternative. For half the price, the overall performance and design can rival Winning.

It is often difficult to find gloves that are both suitable for sparring and bag use. Bag gloves provide less padding, while sparring gloves are too large to use on the canvas. The R2C C17 gloves are great for both.



hayabusa boxing gloves for sale

Hayabusa boxing gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The T3 boxing gloves are most boxers’ favorite pair sold by Hayabusa.

First of all, the wrist has an exceptional amount of support from the patented Duel-X wrist close. These gloves also give you the best an ergonomic alignment to help prevent injury and make the most of every punch. They’re well balanced and also feature a 5-layer foam padding complex, 4x splinting, and an antimicrobial lining, which helps keep your hands dry.

These training gloves are not bulky at all, and the surface material is extremely durable. Although they are great, “all around gloves,”, with compact padding we would recommend pads or bag training usage only.


Twins Special BGVL-3 Gloves

Twins Special Thai Style Gloves are our next pair of gloves.

Twins is a leading manufacturer of Muay Thai boxing equipment and other sports equipment.

These gloves have straps made of velcro that don’t slip like other straps. This padding allows for powerful punches in a ring. Many users voted these as the best Thai style.



Boon boxing gloves for sale

Boon boxing gloves

Boon Boxing Gloves

Boon has another pair of great hand-made muay Thai gloves. These gloves are great not only for Muay Thai but also for Western Boxing and other combat sports.

The coolness of the gloves is another thing I love. Each glove has 7 holes under the palm grip bar.

These gloves are unique because they offer wrist protection. These gloves have a very large Velcro strap that runs almost to the end of your forearm, locking your fists and forearms.



Fairtex Boxing Gloves For Sale

Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1 is the top boxing glove that fighters chose. Fairtex, another Muay Thai brand, has been producing premium boxing gloves since over 40 years. You can see that their gloves are of high quality.

The padding is soft and durable, but not too stiff. This allows you to transfer your punches into your target while protecting your hands. These gloves also have a great shape.

Some boxing gloves make it hard to use the clinch well, but these Muay Thai boxing glove are made to do this.


Rival Boxing Gloves

Best Rival Boxing Gloves

Rival RS2V High Performance Sparring Gloves

Rival High Performance Sparring Gloves are suitable for bag training but more for sparring.

Ergo hook-and-loop double-straps are a unique feature that sets them apart. According to their forearm size, boxers “love it or hate” it. Rival sparring gloves are a fantastic choice. They provide great coverage and don’t slip on your hands no matter how many rounds.

Rival RS2V’s 1.6 inch of soft padding is one reason why they made it to our top 10. This makes them one the best sparring gloves.


Ringside Pro Boxing Gloves

Ringside Pro Boxing Gloves

Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Boxing Gloves

Our final choice was a pair of Ringside gloves. Ringside’s IMF Tech Pro gloves are a fantastic choice. It is lightweight and compact so that you can whip your punches.

These gloves can be used for training, but they are also great to use as sparring gloves. Ringside’s Quick Tie Technology not only provides a functional innovation, but also enhances the overall aesthetics.

These Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves are made in leather. This gives them an authentic feel, reminding us of old boxing gyms.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What brand of boxing gloves are the best? – Winning is the best brand. This is a fact that both pros and amateurs recognize. Their only problem is that they are the most expensive. Cletoreyes, Rival, Hayabusa and Twins are some of the more budget-friendly brands that make quality boxing gloves.
  • What boxing gloves work best for bag work? – Haybusa T3, Ring to Cage C-17 (Japanese style) and Title Gel World bag gloves are the best boxing gloves. If you have the budget, Winning is always a good choice.
  • Which is the best beginner’s boxing glove? – Boxing gloves are the best for beginners. They won’t break the bank and will make you more comfortable in training. We recommend that you invest in a pair of better gloves once you have started sparring with medium intensity.
  • What kind of boxing gloves are used by professionals? – Because they have to use the brand’s gloves, professional boxers are more likely to wear them. You would see boxers wearing Winning, Grant and Cleto Reyes gloves in a boxing match.
  • Which size boxing glove should you buy? –  Glove sizes are measured by ounces (Oz). The size of your glove will depend on two factors: how much weight you are carrying and what type of training they are going to be used for.
    • Under 119 lbs – 10-12 oz gloves for training, 14oz for sparring
    • 122-151lbs- 12-14oz for training, 16 for sparring
    • Mmore than 152 lbs – 14-16oz for training, 16-18oz gloves for sparring.
  • Which boxing gloves for women are the best? – Cleto Reyes gloves and Winning gloves are the best for women boxing gloves. They have a glove compartment that’s not too large, tight wrist support, and a glove compartment that’s narrow. This provides greater security for small hands.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the ‘Best Boxing Gloves’ list. While I understand that there will be disagreements with this list, it is normal as everyone has different preferences.

However, we tried our best to make it as accurate and complete as possible. We are constantly reviewing the gloves and we know there are many more that need to be added.

We will update this list as soon as possible after we have reviewed any item that we feel is worthy. We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section. Please share this post with friends if you found it useful.

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