We asked 30 of our closest patients, friends and colleagues to test over 100 different flower and concentrate vaporizers. Judging things like how they hit, their durability, stealth, and packaging, here are the top five flower and THC oil vaporizers.

  • 2017 Winner – Marijuana vaporizers | G Penn
  • 2017 Winner – Concentrate (DABs) | Puffco
  • 2017 Winner – THC Oil Pens | Dream Steam

Number one.  The Dream Steam THC oil vape pen is delivered via a CO2 pressurized cartridge that delivers an accurate dosage every time.  Both indica and sativa strain oils are available for around $40.

Number two. Pax 2 by Pax Labs. The Pax 2 reminded our judges of Apple products with its simple yet high tech similarities, sleekness, and stealthiness. The aluminum unit, available in four colors, is small and discreet, and vapes beautifully without scorching your flowers. Pax 2 includes charging cradle, cleaning kit, USB cord, one flat, and one raised mouth piece.

Number three. G Pro Herbal Vaporizer by Grenco Science. The G Pro Herbal delivers a nice smooth hit. With three temperature settings, a durable body, and a stainless steel chamber, this handheld unit impressed our judges as being perfect for new comers to the flower vaporizer market. G Pro Herbal Vaporizer includes tray, grinder, and USB Cable, screens, cleaning brush, and mouth pieces.

Number four. Magic-Flight Launch Box by Magic-Flight. With immediate heat delivery at the push of a battery, Magic-Flight’s hand carved wooden box reminded judges of the old school days when getting high was easy. “It has a lot of hippy appeal,” said one, “and a style that’s both awkward and charming, but gets the job done.” Magic-Flight Launch Box includes two rechargeable batteries, battery charger, glass draw stem, and cleaning brush.

Number five. V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer. Available in three colors, the V2 Pro was fairly stealthy and scored design points for offering mouth pieces for liquid, wax, and flowers. The pull was also easy and continuous at the proper temperature with little to know aftertaste.

Number six. The Crafty by Storz and Bickel. From the makers of the Volcano comes the Crafty, a portable handheld vaporizer that truly vapes your cannabis. The smallest of the company’s vapes, high tech doesn’t even begin to describe this excellent make and model. The Crafty had judges expressing the desire to vape anywhere, with great tasting hits, big clouds, and a sturdy design that scored high for durability. The Crafty includes filling aid, grinder, USB charger, brush, dab pad, spare screens, and spare seal rings.

Woman Using a Dream Steam Vape Pen

Here are the top five concentrate and THC oil Vape winners for 2016, 2017-2018

Last year Dab OTG took top honors for best overall vape pen reviews and best hit. This time around, the company’s one-of-a-kind, hand-blown glass mouthpiece scored high in heavy design points. It also hits really well and was described by one judge as “phenomenal overall.” The Dab OTG includes hard case, charging cable, and spare atomizers.

The 710 King Pen was the only vaporizer we tested that magically appeared with prefilled CO2 cartridges. Judges gave the black and silver snap case high marks for being elegant and thought the pen looked like a cool lightsaber with a good solid design that also hit well. The 710 King Pen includes: hard case and USB charger.

The smooth hitting, two-tone metal Daborizer was a favorite for it’s good parts and good hits. Judges liked the weight, feel, and balance of the Daborizer and remarked that having multiple tops for CO2 and BHO is a solid offering. Daborizer include: lanyard case, e-liquid tank, flowers chamber, charging cable, stand, silicone mat, and dab tool.

Coming in a close second, the Dr. Dabber Ghost was applauded by judges for it’s super hits, good packaging, and minimal light. The Ghost atomizer is a step up in quality. Using high-resistance, Grade 4 Titanium wrapped around a wick for it’s coil. While one judge complained about the small slit for the mouthpiece, another commented that the Dr. Dabber Ghost was an easy high score. Dr. Dabber Ghost includes: charging cable, spare atomizer, dab tool, and concentrate case.

Our first place winner in 2016, was by a relative newcomer to the industry, the Puffco Pro scored big for its amazing hits. Leaving judges high in the clouds while they reviewed its sleek and simple design and compact retro carrying case. Developed in Brooklyn, the Puffco Pro has a large, ceramic chamber that provides room for easy loading and an abundance of pure delicious hits. Judges especially liked the gunmetal color, three temperature settings, and the fact that it hits like a dream. Puffco Pro includes: hard case and a charging cable.