The Best Stroller Reviews for 2017

A lot of homes are expecting babies in 2017; that’s good news. These parents are lucky because 2017 will come with a wide range of super quality and updated strollers. Whatever you are searching for; the best strollers, best double stroller or a convertible stroller (that can be used either as a single or a double stroller), you will certainly get a perfect match for your lifestyle, your baby, and your home.

Best Double Stroller 2017

Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

Maxi Cosi Dana for 2 is one of its kind. This double stroller comes with an umbrella-like stroller and offers you single or double infant seats on its frame. This stroller is ideal for twins or even for an infant and a toddler; it makes outings with multiples a remarkable one. The stroller comes with virtually every basic feature a parent could ask for in a stroller. It comes with an adult’s cup holder and a big storage space for your gear. The reclining seats, with removable soft cushions and its 5 points padded harnesses, offer optimum comfort to the kids.

Bugaboo Cameleon3 2017

Of all the Bugaboo strollers, Bugaboo Cameleon3 seems to be the most iconic and everything about this stroller is beautiful. The 2017 version is updated to include a carry handle and a faux handlebar. These added features give the already spectacular stroller a luxurious look. The Cameleon3 comes with some amazing features which include a bassinet, an adjustable handlebar, suspension wheels, 3position recline, and a reversible seat. With the compact fold, you are sure to take your Cameleon3 along with you on family getaways.




Valco Baby Neo Twin Stroller

The Valco New Twin Stroller double stroller is lightweight, and this feature makes it unique. Although the Neo Twin is lightweight, it is always very rugged and can stand up to rough terrain. The seats recline to an almost flat position and the canopies come up for maximum protection. Each compartment has belly bars and footrests with large spaced seats to give your kids maximum comfort.


Baby Jogger City Select LUX 2017

Baby jogger is undeniably everyone’s favorite convertible stroller. This upgraded version, which is due for release in 2017 comes with a better hand-brake, far nicer fabric, additional accessories, and a more compact fold. The stroller has several lists of possible adjustments which make the City Select fit in to different family conditions.





Austlen Entourage

The Entourage caught the audience at last year’s ABC Kids show and this is something to watch out for in 2017. This convertible stroller offers your baby better storage and seating options, compared to any other stroller out there. The stroller has adequate provision for shopping at grocery stores or picking up essentials while out with the kids.






BumBleride Speed 2017

The last quarter of 2016 saw the introduction of the Bumbleride’s Speed stroller; this will most likely turn out to be the best running stroller in 2017. It comes with an improved Speed wheel technology. This feature has arrested the minds of active parents, and they all wish to have one. Its sleek looks give you a unique personality while shopping in malls, or running down the track. You will fall in love with the multiple pockets, one-step compact fold, and the adjustable handlebar.


Uppababy Vista 2017

Uppababy is working on their world renowned stroller for 2017. It comes with 4 new colors with leather fittings, new sunshade fabric, restructured lightweight wheels, and some minor touches that make the Vista truly desirable. The double Vista strolls as perfect as the single. It features everything you may ever need in a stroller. An experience with the Vista will instantly clear your doubts as to why the stroller has become the most popular for parents.



Baby Jogger City Tour 2017
The City tour will give you a remarkable experience while you are on a trip with your kid. It has a simple but unique compact fold, which makes it fit perfectly into small spaces. The seats are well spacious with lie-flat recline for maximum comfort of your kid. The 3-panel canopy is wide enough to offer coverage, and it comes with a large under-seat basket, big enough to accommodate your essentials.





Nuna Mixx 2017

This is another masterpiece in the stroller world that is yet to be unveiled. The stroller encapsulates everything you will ever need in a stroller in a single model. It has a reversible seat, a lie-flat recline which gives maximum comfort to infants, big wheels with well-designed suspension and an extra-large under-seat basket is undeniably the largest you can find anywhere. This Mixx is the perfect make for parents who want it all in a single purchase. The signature European look gives Nuna users a class of their own. The Nuna Mixx 2017 comes with a Jett Collection, which includes s bassinet.
Jane Muum
Here is another 2017 stroller from Jane. Jane’s muum is the latest thing in the stroller industry. Besides its stunning design and structure which makes it always outstanding in public places, it is very affordable which makes it a must buy for almost every home. The stroller is made with lightweight materials and has compact folds. With the full recline, the stroller is compatible for kids from birth till about 501bs.




Britax B-Ready 2017
The updated B-Ready stroller from Britax is making a whole lot of sense – parents love it. The stroller is dynamic, making it a great fit for families with changing needs. The B-Ready model looks stylish and can fit into any parenting scenario. The best double stroller comes with a quick one-step folding with one or dual seat and a big basket that is easily accessible from any side.

Although there are a lot of new strollers for 2017, these are the top 11 that made our list. However, you can check up the complete list here for the best stroller 2017.
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