The concept of spy watches has intrigued people ever since James Bond used one as a homing beacon in Goldfinger in 1964. Today, spy watches are no longer just fiction just like the best electric shavers for men – they do exist, and anybody can buy one. Spy watches with numerous features are steadily increasing in popularity.

You can now find a variety of digital and smartphone watches that are outfitted with tiny hidden cameras. These watches provide hours of enjoyment and are also very practical. Listed below are just a few of the highest quality spy watches on the market.

1. Black or Silver Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch

2. Waterproof 16GB Mini Camera Spy Watch with Night Vision

3. Waterproof Digital_Family TW810 Intelligent All-steel Waterproof Ultra-Thin Watch Phone

4. Waterproof 16GB Night Owl Hi-Def Spy Watch

5. Waterproof 8GB Men’s Wearable Watch With Hi-Def Mini Camera and DVR

Spy Watch Varieties

Camera – Camera watches look just like standard watches, but contain concealed lenses for clandestine photo-snapping and video-recording. Typically their only features include keeping time and a functioning as a hidden spy camera.

Cell phone watches – These watches include all the features of a modern mobile phone, such as camera, audio, calling, texting, and so forth. They typically require special memory chips or “SIM” cards in order to connect to the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network.

Smart watches – These advanced watches are compatible with most modern mobile phones, which they relay signals to using Bluetooth technology. After connecting one to your cell phone, you will have access to most of the same features provided by your phone, such as cameras, text messaging, audio/video playback, and transmitting and receiving phone calls. A number of smart watches can even function on their own as remarkably versatile electronic watches.

The Benefits of Owning a Spy Watch

  • Concealed. People will never know that your seemingly ordinary watch is in fact equipped with a hidden camera and is capable of performing all sorts of other special functions too.
  • Phone Services. Unable to see who’s calling your phone while your hands are occupied? Use your spy watch that’s linked into your mobile phone as a Caller ID feature.
  • Low-key. Read up on your texts without coming across as impolite while you are attending a conference or chatting with a friend.

Things to Consider when Shopping For Spy Watches

Functionality – Consider what kinds of functions you need in your daily life. If you’re looking for a watch you can link up to your cell phone and that shares many of the same features, then a smartphone watch may be your best bet. If you don’t care to lug around two separate units, you can simply swap out your cell phone for a GSM watch. If you just need a hidden camera to secretly capture photos and videos, then a concealed camera watch should suit you perfectly.

Compatibility – If you’re planning to purchase a mobile phone watch, you’ll need to make sure your carrier supports it. GSM watches can only connect to GSM systems and are not compatible with CDMA networks such as AT&T and Verizon. Since many American phones are set up only to work with specific carriers, you should probably consider getting a smart watch to enjoy the features a GSM watch provides. You can buy SIM cards from Amazon for cell phone watches that have recurring monthly payments. Some smartphone watches only work with particular mobile phones like Androids or iPhones, so know which devices your watch is compatible with before you buy it.

Capabilities – Not all smart watches have cameras, microphones, video/audio capabilities, and so on. In addition, certain watches are waterproof, while others could stop working entirely if exposed to a single drop of water. Know beforehand which capabilities are most important to you in the best spy  watch. These capabilities include things like call and text alerts, audio and video playback, microphone recording, social media apps, appointment books, GPS functionality, and so forth.